Jens Kanngiesser’s many lies

The criminal, Jens Kanngiesser has been deeming reports in-appropriate on But fans have written to HelloPeter team will EVIDENCE of his transaction with Hamit Eguz.

Jens, if you’re reading this, you’re only making more problems for yourself ’cause a lawyer has finally been hired and has promised that this July you’re going to jail.

Jens is a liar. His reverbnation store is fake. Anybody who buys anything from his store gets cheated. Jens has cheated a total of 23 people of $2,330. Jens keeps the money to himself and never delivers the fake songs. Keep reporting him on HelloPeter and everywhere else.

Let’s unite and get rid of this very dangerous criminal. Report his twitter account @drkmusik

Beware of Jens Kanngiesser: what you need to know



Last year we watched in horror as ex-convict (He still cheats people) Jens Kanngiesser faked his own death to escape his numerous crimes. His story was carried on many blogs. He tried to make a come-back under the name of “Mark Gendersens” but German police was smarter. These are a few of his links:

He tweets here: @drkmusik

His naked pictures were also leaked online after it was alleged he rapes under-age girls. He is also a known womanizer and has a phobia to settle in marriage. As of noon a few twitterers are furious that Jens is back. And have been tweeting with the hashtag #jailjenskanngiesser and #drkisfake

Warn your friends about him. He is not a musician. He is a criminal. Do NOT buy anything from him. He will only dupe you. We can see how unprofessional all his covers look and his bad English as well. Why this man insists on being in the public eye is quite baffling; he’s threatened people who’ve refused to buy his fake CDs, he just needs to be off the Internet ’cause he will never make a living selling fake music/ Report his accounts now and write to, myspace, facebook, twitter,etc and let them know they need to keep their websites crime-free!!

Jens Kanngiesser also has several accounts on Twitter were he poses as other users defending him. He’s someone who sits on his laptop 24/7. Never purchase anything from his reverbnation store, you will only regret ever having anything to do with this con-man. Spread the word and keep the Internet crime-free!!

Read his story here:

To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed!!

Joan Rivers Leaves $150 Million Estate to Daughter, Grandson: Report

By her own admission, Joan Rivers was a workaholic, and the octogenarian continued earning up until the day she died. Now the legendary comedian’s sizable estate must be divided.

The New York Daily News reports that the Fashion Police co-host was worth an estimated $150 million at the time of her death earlier this month and, as expected, the bulk of that will go to her only daughter, Melissa, and beloved grandson, Cooper. However, in her will, she also provided for her four dogs, which will move from Joan’s opulent Upper East Side Manhattan condo to the home of one of her personal assistants, Jocelyn Pickett. (A spokesperson for Rivers has not yet responded to Yahoo’s request for comment on the will.)

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“Those dogs are her family,” a source told the paper of the animals, which visited Joan in the hospital during her final days. That’s an understatement. Rivers actually credited one of her pets, a Yorkie named Spike, for saving her life when she contemplated suicide in 1988, months after her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, took his life. “What saved me was my dog jumped into my lap. I thought, ‘No one will take care of him,'” she told the Daily Beast in July. “It wasn’t a friendly dog — only to me. I adored this dog. … I had the gun in my lap, and the dog sat on the gun.”

In the same interview, Joan said she “constantly” thought about her own death and noted that she had plans in place, including for her cherished canines.

“In your 80s, you’d be foolish not to think about that,” she told the website. “I’ve left money so the dogs can be taken care of. I’ve said to Melissa, ‘Sell anything and everything you don’t want. Don’t feel beholden to my possessions.’ I feel almost hysterical on that. I don’t want them to have a sense of guilt.”

According to the New York Daily News, Melissa, who is based on the West Coast, already has plans to sell Joan’s palatial $35 million condo. That’s no surprise as Joan herself put it on the market several times since 2005 — mostly recently in 2012.

“This is how Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had money,” the funny woman said her 2010 documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, while standing in the 5,200-square-foot multi-level, classically adorned penthouse, which features floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-burning fireplaces, two terraces, a mezzanine overlooking the front parlor, and French-inspired style which was “painstakingly restored by museum-trained artisans,” according to its 2009 listing. The movie also featured a scene in which Joan was hosting a dinner party for about 20 in her dining room with three waiters running around serving the guests.

Joan was a fixture in the building and served as president of the condo board. “I’m very much an A personality,” she told the New York Times in 2012. “I got involved just because I wanted things done right.” As for why she became president, she said, “I care about the building. And I think that’s why they just keep letting me be president of the board.” Also, she quipped, “No one wants the job.”

The New York Daily News reports that Melissa had her own apartment in the building, purchased by her mom, and also plans to sell that. “Melissa is based in L.A. and has no need for a place in New York any more,” a source told the newspaper. “It’s also too painful; Joan loved the city so much.”

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While the article notes that Melissa is also selling Joan’s “amazing home in Connecticut,” the 5,730-square-foot house in Litchfield County, Connecticut, actually sold last year for $4.4 million. That home was described as her “sanctuary from show business” and was set on 75 acres and featured 10 rooms, four fireplaces, and a custom swimming pool.

Despite it being her sanctuary from showbiz, Joan wasn’t ready to give up her career. (Around her 80th birthday, an interviewer asked if she was ready to retire and she quipped, “And do what?”) In addition to Fashion Police, the blonde appeared on WEtv’s Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, and reportedly had a new show in the works with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. She continued to do stand-up as well.

On Tuesday, Melissa spoke out for the first time since her mother’s passing.

As my son Cooper and I mourn the loss of my mother, we want to thank everyone for the beautiful cards and flowers conveying heartfelt messages and condolences, which continue to arrive from around the world and through social media

She wrote on WhoSay.

My mother would have been overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the love that people have expressed for her. It is certainly helping to lift our spirits during this time.

Melissa continued, “We are forever grateful for your kindness and support in continuing to honor my mother’s legacy, and for remembering the joy and laughter that she brought to so many.”

On Friday, E!, which was home to Fashion Police, will hold “Joan Day” in which they’ll have a 12-hour marathon of Rivers’s jokes about bad celebrity fashion. The last episode of the show that she taped will be rebroadcast, and the marathon will also include Melissa’s stories about her mother.

Rivers died on Sept. 4 after being removed from life support. A week earlier, she underwent a routine procedure on her throat at Yorkville Endoscopy in Manhattan. An investigation is being made into her death. So far, the gastroenterologist who performed the procedure has been fired from the clinic. A second physician was present during the surgery without authorization from the clinic. The woman allegedly took a selfie with Rivers during the surgery.

Source: Joan Rivers had surprise throat biopsy that led to her death

A source told New York Daily News an unplanned throat biopsy cut off her air supply and possibly killed Joan Rivers.

The 81-year-old suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing on August 28th during a routine endoscopy at a New York clinic. But the doctor who operated on her reportedly noticed something on her vocal cords and then performed the unplanned biopsy – something that isn’t supposed to be done outside of a hospital.

The procedure is said to have caused Rivers’ vocal chords to seize and cut off her air supply.

The Daily News source called it a “huge no-no” and said, “If she had been in a hospital when it happened, she might have been okay.”

Rivers died a week after the incident and a state medical examiner completed an autopsy but was not able to determine the cause of death.

In 1985, Rivers appeared on Good Morning America, where she was asked about her heart arrhythmia, a condition in which the heart unexpectedly beats out of sync…something Rivers says scared the hell out of her.

“All of a sudden you’ll be on stage and hear ‘tha-thud!…It scares the hell out of me.”

The State Health Department is investigating the clinic, but currently it is not a criminal investigation.

Official: Robin Williams hanged himself with belt

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — Authorities on Tuesday detailed how Robin Williams’ took his life, saying the actor and comedian hanged himself with a belt in a bedroom of his San Francisco Bay Area home.

Marin County Sheriff’s Lt. Keith Boyd said Williams was last seen alive by his wife Sunday night when she went to bed. She woke up the next morning and left, thinking he was still asleep elsewhere in the home.

Shortly after that, Williams’ personal assistant came to the Tiburon home and became concerned when Williams failed to respond to knocks at a door. The assistant found the 63-year-old actor clothed and dead in a bedroom.

Boyd said all evidence indicates Williams, star of “Good Will Hunting,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Good Morning, Vietnam” and dozens of other films, committed suicide by hanging himself. But he said a final ruling will be made once toxicology reports and interviews with witnesses are complete.

The condition of the body indicated Williams had been dead for at least a few hours, Boyd said. Williams also had superficial cuts on his wrist, and a pocketknife was found nearby.

Williams had been seeking treatment for depression, Boyd said. He would not say whether the actor left a suicide note.

“We still have people we want to speak with so there is some information we’re going to withhold,” Boyd said. “We’re not discussing the note or a note at this point as the investigation is ongoing.”

The Oscar-winning actor for years dealt with bouts of substance abuse and depression and referenced his struggles in his comedy routines. Just last month, Williams announced he was returning to a 12-step treatment program.

The circumstances of the death – Williams cutting and then hanging himself at home – do not help explain what motivated him, suicide experts said. Understanding that would require a detailed “psychological autopsy” that includes the review of medical and other records, and interviews with family and friends.

These experts stressed that suicide rarely is triggered by a single factor, such as depression or substance abuse. Typically there are at least two such influences, often compounded by acute stress, such as from financial hardship or troubled personal relationships.

“We know from decades of research that there are numerous factors that contribute to suicide risk,” said Michelle Cornette, executive director of the American Association of Suicidology.

Word that the actor had killed himself left neighbors in Tiburon stunned and sparked an outpouring of praise among his Hollywood colleagues. Williams had lived in the quiet, waterfront neighborhood for eight years, according to neighbors.

Noreen Nieder said Williams was a friendly neighbor who always said hello and engaged in small talk. Nieder said she wasn’t close to Williams and his family, but she still felt comfortable enough to approach him and ask him about his latest stint in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

“He was very open about it,” Nieder said. “He told me he was doing well.”

Makeshift memorials of flowers and notes popped up around the country including on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at his Tiburon home and outside the house where the ’80s sitcom “Mork &Mindy” was set in Boulder, Colorado. People also gathered to remember Williams at a bench in Boston’s Public Garden where he filmed a scene for “Good Will Hunting.”

Ben Affleck, a co-star and co-writer on that movie, was among the legions of friends and fans who shared tributes online.

“Robin had a ton of love & did so much for so many,” Affleck tweeted. “He made Matt & my dreams come true. What do you owe a guy who does that? Everything.”

Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais wrote: “I am deeply saddened. He was a lovely man who would keep everyone laughing even if he wasn’t feeling good himself.”

Associated Press writer Justin Pritchard in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

Interview With Studiofyre’s CEO, Brandon Aaron Gibbs

StudioFYRE is a global brand, and we aim to spread the concepts of personable branding in an increasingly monotonously marketed world. We aim to be on a few continents serving global partners that really believe in doing whatever it takes to make their brands successful

  – Brandon A. Gibbs (StudioFyre CEO)


1. What’s the story behind Studiofyre?

Brandon A. Gibbs: StudioFYRE is a natural phenomenon. Now based in the music city Nashville, we started a few years back scattered around the globe with a creative vision to impact the world. Being given chance to participate in leading international businesses and studios, we got chance to intuitively apply our gifts to design, media, marketing and consulting with some of the most fascinating people and around unique and inspiring global communities. When it was time to accept the name StudioFYRE in 2014, it came right in time, to solve the needs of industries. Businesses nowadays are scrambling using an ever growing set of media & design products with their brands, all trying to play with untested business models applying to new and different technology for various market segments. At the end of 2013, we found this problem as budding entrepreneurs serving a few multicultural organizations. There was a good vision and tons of great people to reach but too many branding tools to juggle against a basic technology to personal problem. This is where we had to derive a solution in universal and personal brand engineering. Testing our model to various problems, we were able to get great results, and opened our services to our first line of clients in Nashville. Nashville is an international gateway and our services will continue to engage both locally and around the globe understanding client vision and implementing brands with successful growth mindset to achieve the best commercial solutions through personal vision.

2. What was the inspiration for the name, how did it come about?

Brandon A. Gibbs: It’s a combustion of sorts from vision and belief. Our #1 Inspiration as entrepreneurs of faith is Christianity which plays an important role in our integrity and how we do business. The “studio” was created for the precision operation of our design and creative gifts within the integrity of diligent craft. And the “FYRE” is from stories about fire of the Holy Spirit, describing an ephemeral link for driven creativity and inspiration that spreads through everything we do. Our challenge after accepting our “calling” was not just to operate a static creative agency, but to create a dynamic studio environment to empower visions we work with to combust, and set brands on FYRE with.

3. Who is/are the person/team behind Studiofyre?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We are a unit of creative and unique folk from different backgrounds, but all important parts that comprise StudioFYRE. Me, Brandon A Gibbs, our Founder CEO/ Principal Designer I’m the creative technical side with a history in London and New York designing with some of the largest international design firms and institutions.


Jason Di Vincenzo, our co-Founder COO & President, is the creative communications side with a history all around the US in executive consultation, Copywriting and Sales leadership. He’s worked with several fortune 500 companies, and with local business leaders to create exciting solutions. The rest of our awesome team is on the growth with inspiring & unique creative people with their own story and visions about making brands greater.

4. What was the most difficult part about starting up? Any major or minor challenges?

Brandon A. Gibbs: The hardest part of starting up is after reading all the local business regulation and operation manuals, to relax, because we’ve been prepared all along. Each new project also comes with some ground to cover, but we sort them out. At the start of StudioFYRE, we got a chance to meet quite a few business leaders and find out about who they were and their vision. Though not always a project in the wings, it was an important part of having foundation. The challenge of establishing ourselves came naturally after relaxing in knowing our repertoire and how to leverage success for prospective industries who really want to work with us.

5. What came easy with starting up?

Brandon A. Gibbs: The easiest part was creative process and relating to people. We spent time driving to various places meeting and serving clients in various industries, doing fun little projects. That part was good to test our new hybrid service prototypes with brands.

6. What’s your creative process?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We like to operate with strategy and direction from the start to have calculated successes with each client. We do that through a roughly 5 step process based around two elements campaigns and subscribers. Campaigns- comprised of creative & marketing projects; and Subscribers- the final stakeholders whether they be the customers or just visitors who will play a major role with the client brand. We start with understanding the client what their campaign vision and goal is, helping them define their target subscribers in strategic terms, assessing the necessary resources vision and availability. That sets the tone for our next step in consultation and base planning structure, where we begin harnessing the best use of our resources to match their vision and carry out the campaign goals together. Next step after skillfully producing brand assets for the effective client campaign. This is an artful process of research, sketches, and references to empower raw and intuitive creativity to match client creativity and vision and engage end subscriber senses. After that is launching our campaign assets like websites, videos, events and so on with fervor to make sure of maximum effect in conversion, sales, subscriptions and the like. The last step is thought out from the start of maximizing the value of the project with long lasting subscriber engagement, as we love to be partner with each client in lifetime brand sustainability and profitability for all involved.

7. What services do you offer?

Brandon A. Gibbs: Our services together comprise the Universal Branding array from personal to technical specialization. We start out with personal brand consultation, getting to know our customers to maximize restarting brands or launching new brands completely. Next is our design skills, where we build visual and spatial elements for client to audience engagement, this goes from Graphic Design to Print Design, to spatial design—we call these visual campaigns. Then comes our Media and Interactive skills, where we go from digital media, photography and imagery to websites, mobile and app design and development—comprising our media and web campaigns. Our last campaign set is of our internet marketing which comprises a range of engagement and analytics techniques to maximize the reach of client audience, whether it be a new line of customers, existing network, or just a set of shareholders. With our services we make campaigns with clients that spread like wildFYRE, FYREworks to keep charged and healthy brands on top with our full service ad agency resources.


8. How are you able to use social media to target your audience? How do you keep them interested?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We engage audience in a variety of ways, but it starts with personal relationship. Social media allows us digital connection with those we’ve met in person, and sets up new connection to be made offline. To keep things interesting.. We are just honest about the great partners and projects that we get to play with. As our #FYREworks gallery show, we have fun with what we do, and that’s what we feel every creative agency should do.

9. Have hashtags been a huge success or key role in your utilization of social media? How do you manipulate hashtags for the benefit of your brand?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We’ve played with a few social hashtags, that really sum the StudioFYRE experience #FYREworks,#wildFYRE with a few in the wings as well as some general #branding, #GraphicDesign and industry tags like #CopyOfTheDay and some from influences as David Ogilvy #ogilvy. We count them a starting success online and offline to set apart who we are connecting us with our audience, potential customers and major firms and organizations that we admire.

10. What advise have you got for startups?

Brandon A. Gibbs: Spell out your first vision, and test it relentlessly with your first clients. Narrow it down according to needs and industry, and you not only will have work you admire and understand, but you’ll also be incredibly successful at it from deep understanding.

11. Where do you see Studiofyre in ten years from now?

Brandon A. Gibbs: StudioFYRE is a global brand, and we aim to spread the concepts of personable branding in an increasingly monotonously marketed world. We aim to be on a few continents serving global partners that really believe in doing whatever it takes to make their brands successful. We’ll stay growing with people who have passion in their talents and brands that have great visions achieving the best commercial solutions through each personal vision.

For more information about them, see their website

Debate Over E-Cigarettes Lights Up

Debate Over E-Cigarettes Lights Up

Originally posted on TIME:

The debate over the safety of e-cigarettes, and whether they will help smokers to quit, or simply make it easier for them to start or continue lighting up, heated up this week.

On one side of the disagreement are those pushing for regulation. In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) began a review of data on e-cigarettes and based on studies conducted so far, last month recommended tighter regulation of the devices to protect consumers’ health. But in a new article published in the journal Addiction, other scientists argue that the WHO misinterpreted the data in a “misleading” way and that the group’s advice for more stringent oversight is problematic.

In the Addiction paper, the authors take issue with nine of WHO’s conclusions, some of which surround the safety of e-cigarettes, their toxin levels, and how likely younger people are to adopt them. They cite some of the same…

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Battle of the ‘woods’

If you’re planning on starting a movie industry, it’s as simple as adding ‘wood’ to the end of whatever name you choose, think… Lukewood, Adamwood, Luciawood, Maverickwood, O’Donellwood, Sullivanwood, OMGwood, LOLwood, Followwood, I’mjustgoingbythetrendwood, amateurwood, or Ican’tfindmypantswood. Trust me, you’re likely to get more attention with those. The various ‘woods’ below is testimony to that, unlike UK’s movie industry (which I find unique anyway) which opted out with the name ‘Coronation Street’

The next time you invite an A-lister to feature in your movie (That is, if you’re residence in another country) they’re gonna be asking: “Which of the woods am I getting an invite to?”

Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, United States (yes, it’s not a movie industry in itself, as popular opinion holds) The place situated west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles, got it’s cultural identity as the center of movie studios and movie stars when movie making activities increased in the early 20th century.

India has the largest share of names after Hollywood to represent the local movie industries. Although, many names like Bollywood are popular worldwide, others haven’t gained much popularity.

Bollywood – After Hollywood, the Indian movie industry is considered to be the biggest in the world. Bollywood is the name given to the Mumbai-based Hindi language film industry in India. The largest part in the Indian movie industry is located in Mumbai, popularly known as Bollywood – an amalgamation of Bombay and Hollywood. 

Chhollywood –  is the colloquial name given to the Chhattisgarhi language movie industry in Chhattisgarh, India.

Kollywood – a portmanteau of the words Kodambakkam – an area of Chennai, where Tamil language feature films are produced – and Hollywood. Kollywood is the colloquial name given to the Tamil language film industry, based in the Kodambakkam district of Chennai, India.

Kollywood West and South – refers to Tamil movies produced in western countries. Kollywood West can refer to Tamil films produced in Europe and North America and the term Kollywood South refers to Tamil movies made in Singapore, Sri Lanka and India.

Jollywood –  is the colloquial name given to the Assamese language movie industry based in Jyoti Chitraban, Guwahati, Assam.

Dholiwood –  refers to the cinema of Gujarati Language in Gujarat, India.

Ollywood – Oriya Film Industry in India. Ollywood is the colloquial name given to the Oriya language movie industry in Odisha, India.

Tollywood – Tamil Film Industry (more popular) but it was originally termed for West Bengal Film industry after Tollygunj and Bollywood in 1932 by Wilford E. Deming, an American Cinematographer. The name is referred to as the first Hollywood inspired name. Tollywood may refer to the Bengali film industry in Tollygunge, West Bengal, India. It was the first Hollywood-inspired nickname, dating back to 1932 and the Telugu film industry in Andhra Pradesh.

Mollywood – The term refers to the Mlayalam film industry in India. Mollywood may also refer to the Malayalam film industry in the state of Kerala.

Punjwood – Punjabi language movie industry in India.
Punjwood refers to the Punjabi language film industry in India.

Sandalwood – Kannada language film industry in Karnataka, India. Sandalwood refers to the Kannada language film industry in Karnataka, India.

Sollywood – Sindh language movie industry in India. Sollywood has been used to refer to the Sindhi film industry.

Kollywood (Nepal) –  refers to movies made in the capital, Kathmandu, Nepal. Also: Kaliwood refers to the cinema of Nepal, the capital of which is Kathmandu.

Apart from the US and India, other parts of the world are also obsessed by the word ‘Wood':

Bulawood – Fiji film industry. The word Bula is a word of greeting in Fijian language. Bulawood is the name given to the Fiji film industry, Bula being a greeting in the Fijian language.

Chollywood – Peruvian film industry. Chollywood refers to the Peruvian film industry. It is also spelled “Choliwood”

Kabulwood – represents Afghan Cinema. Kabulwood is the name of Afghan Cinema.

Lolywood – Pakistani Film Industry, named for Lahore, Pakistan based movies. The word was first coined in 1989 by a gossip columnist Saleem Nasir.

Kariwood – Karachi film industry – named after Pakistani capital Karachi.
Kariwood refers to the Pakistani film industry, based in the city of Karachi.

Pollywood – Pasthu film industry in Peshawar, Pakistan. Pollywood is the colloquial name given to the Pashtu language movie industry in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Dhallywood (Dhaliwood) – Bangladeshi film industry; a portmanteau of the words Dhaka and Hollywood; Dhaliwood or Dhallywood refers to the Bangladeshi film industry, based in the city of Dhaka.

Hollywood North – the film industry in Canada, specifically Vancouver and Toronto, is termed Hollywood North. The term has been in use to describe Canadian film and television production since the late 1970s.

Trollywood –  is the informal name for a film production facility in Trollhättan Municipality, Sweden.

Riverwood – is the name for the film industry in Kenya. Its name is from the street River Road.

Somaliwood -refers to the film industry that has sprung up around the Somali immigrant community of Columbus, Ohio.

Swahiliwood – refers to the cinema of Tanzania.

Gollywood –  is the nickname for the film industry in the state of Gujarat. Also a name for the movie industry in Ghana.

Tamalewood – is the nickname for the film industry in the state of New Mexico.

Hollywood of the East – Egypt movie industry.

Wellywood – Cinema of Wellington New Zealand. Wellywood refers to Wellington, New Zealand – home of Weta Workshop,Weta Digital and Peter Jackson’s film studio.

Mollywood – refers to the Mormon film industry in the United States.

Nollywood – Cinema of Nigeria. Nollywood is the Nigerian film industry.

Igbowood – refers to the film industry responsible for producing movies in Igbo language, Nigeria.

Yoruwood –  refers to the film industry responsble for producing movies in Yoruba language, Nigeria.

Kannywood – refers to the film industry in Kano, Nigeria.

Sollywood – South Africa Film Industry.

Gollywood – Ghana movie industry. Also: Anansekrom is the name for the film industry in Ghana.

Collywood –  Refers to the Cameroonian film industry. It can also be referred to as Camollywood.

Hollyhammar – refers to the film industry in Hallstahammar, Sweden.

… Just so you know:

Dollywood is an amusement park owned by Dolly Parton. It may also be used as an alternative spelling for Dhaliwood.

Pinewood – Name given because of the pine trees surrounding it. It’s located in Buckinghamshire, England.

Valleywood is the informal name for the Dragon International film studio complex in Wales.

Chinawood is a nickname for the Hengdian World Studio, the largest filmstudio in China.

Kgalewood refers to an area at the bottom of Kgale Hill in Gaborone, Botswana, the set for the TV series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

“FC Hollywood” is a nickname for FC Bayern Munich, used especially by German media in the 1990s, an era in which Bayern players were as likely to appear in gossip pages as in sports pages.

“Mollywood” is sometimes jokingly used to describe the Hollywood Sign-inspired town name on the hillside at the eastern edge of Mosgiel in New Zealand.

Etyekwood is the informal name given in the media to Hungary’s new Korda Studios under construction in the wine-making village of Etyek near Budapest.

Pallywood is a term used by conservative commentators to describe alleged anti-Israeli media manipulation through video footage.

Ebola: Patrick Sawyer Escaped Quarantine

 Liberian president apologises to Nigeria, envoy alleges harassment of citizens  • FG donates $3.5m to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone  • Obama says it’s too early to give experimental drug to Africa
Health minister terms disease ‘viral terrorism’, says handshakes not necessary

It has been revealed that the Liberian, Mr. Patrick Sawyer, who travelled to Lagos from Monrovia and became Nigeria’s index case for the Ebola virus was actually under surveillance by the Liberian health authorities, even though he still managed to board a flight to travel.

The Minister of State II for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Nurudeen Mohammed, said this while relaying a conversation between Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Nigeria’s Ambassador to Liberia, Ambassador Chigozie Oby-Nadozie.

According to Mohammed, President Sirleaf, in a telephone conversation with Oby-Nadozie, had expressed regrets at the circumstances under which the virus was brought to Nigeria by Sawyer who was under surveillance.

There have been reports that Sawyer’s sister had died of the virus.
Mohammed, at a briefing for members of the diplomatic corps in Abuja yesterday on the Ebola virus, however, noted that this was not a time for trading blame, but for collaboration to combat and stop the spread of the deadly epidemic, which has now killed over 900 persons, according to figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Vice-President, Dr. Toga Mcintosh, confirmed that Sawyer escaped from quarantine in Liberia to fly to Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists at the end of the briefing, Mcintosh said: “Because he had contact with somebody who died from Ebola, he was quarantined in his own country but he evaded the quarantine and came to Nigeria.”

Outbound Passengers for Screening

Also speaking at the briefing, the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, said health authorities would commence the screening of all outbound passengers from Nigeria’s shores.

Passengers who show symptoms would be prevented from travelling and where they are non-Nigerians, they would only be allowed out if their countries have the capacity for a properly supervised evacuation and treatment as was demonstrated by the US recently, he explained.

According to Chukwu,  “In Nigeria, we have not closed our borders. The Minister of Health will be the person to advise the president to close the borders. If there is any superior argument, then we can shift.

“For now, we are taking the advice of the US government that it may be useful if we begin screening outbound passengers, and we have adopted it. We are screening now. We are going to get more personnel.”

He also called on the diplomats present to ask their countries to assist Nigeria as it fights to curtail the spread of the virus, saying: “Wherever your countries can assist us, if useful, particularly your airlines flying to Nigeria. We want to screen citizens and non-citizens, if they have it please let them stay in Nigeria; we will treat you here. Even if you are our ambassadors, we want to treat you here.

“We have begun to screen all outbound passengers. We don’t want them to go to other countries and cause trouble there. Except your country has what it takes, we want to keep you and treat you here, so that we contain this disease. We must insist that before passengers leave, they must be screened.”

He added that the spread of the virus was not yet critical in Nigeria, saying that the spread was “exponential”.
Chukwu also explained that more medical personnel were being recruited and would be entitled to life insurance, stressing that all those recruited whether from the federal civil service, state or private health institutions would be entitled to life insurance.
This, he added, is to ensure that the families of the caregivers are adequately taken care of in the event of death.

Handshaking Should be Limited

As a precautionary measure, the minister said people should shake hands only when necessary.
“We are not saying people should not shake hands, but we are saying that if it is not necessary, don’t do so,” Chukwu said.

On pilgrimage, the minister urged hajj teams to have a medical team. He said the government was already working with the Saudi authorities to ensure that all pilgrims are screened and in turn, all Saudi nationals visiting Nigeria would be screened without any obstruction to religious obligations.

He cautioned that the new trend where some persons choose to wear gloves was “counterproductive” as they would accumulate the virus and may even take it to their homes.

“The practice of wearing gloves by members of the public would only be effective if all 170 million Nigerians do so,” he said.
He however harped on the necessity of all health workers and airport officials to put on masks and disposable gloves before touching patients and passengers.

The minister gave a breakdown of the spread of the virus, stating that the number of confirmed cases still stood at seven, describing the disease as “viral terrorism”.

ECOWAS Staff under Surveillance

During the briefing, the ECOWAS commission also disclosed that some of its staff, who had direct contact with Sawyer on his arrival in Nigeria were also under surveillance.

Mcintosh, who spoke on behalf of the commission, said the persons included the ECOWAS driver and protocol officers who met him at the airport and took him to the hospital after he collapsed.
He also disclosed that the commission’s office in Lagos had been temporarily shut down to allow for extensive fumigation by the Lagos State Government.

This, Mcintosh explained, became necessary, as the vehicle in which Sawyer was conveyed to the hospital was parked in the office premises for several days, while the members of staff who had contact with him continued to interact with others for several days before it was discovered he was suffering from the Ebola virus.

Mcintosh, however, clarified that Sawyer did not at any time go to Calabar, venue of the ECOWAS retreat which brought him to Nigeria.
“It is a destructive element to development. It is no longer a Liberian or Nigerian problem, but all abilities should be channelled in the same direction. The time has come for us to do all we can to stabilise the situation,” he said.

FG Donates $3.5m to Guinea, Liberia, S’Leone

He also expressed appreciation to the Nigerian government for its donation of $3.5 million to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to help tackle the virus.

The commission has also suspended all meetings that would bring in representatives for its member states, except where such meetings are extremely crucial.

The Liberian Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, however, alleged that Liberian citizens living in Nigeria were being subjected to harassment by stereotyping and the seeming collective guilt since news of the citizenship of the index case broke.
He revealed that most of the reported cases of harassment were in Lagos State.

“It is important that as we frame our responses in the public campaign that association is causation, there should be caution. Even if the index case was Liberian, it does not mean all Liberians have Ebola,” Conteh said.

The envoy also voiced his concerns at a cartoon recently published by a local newspaper portraying people running away from an airplane because one of the passengers had said that another passenger looked like a Liberian.

Video Shows Sawyer was Very Ill

It has also emerged that Sawyer looked “terribly ill” and might have known he was infected with the virus before travelling to Nigeria, the Liberian media has reported.

According to a review of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) images at the James Spriggs Payne’s Airport, Monrovia, by Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn, Sawyer, also a naturalised American, looked terribly ill and deliberately avoided contact with people just before boarding the Asky Airline flight that brought him to Lagos.

Describing his behaviour as “strange”, the The New Dawn said Sawyer bore a “sad countenance” like he was troubled and sat alone avoiding bodily contact with other passengers who came close to him at the boarding gate of the James Sprigg Payne’s Airport as he awaited his flight to Lagos.

“His strange behaviour and frequent movement up and down as he eagerly awaited his Asky flight had prompted the security camera operator to focus on him. In the video, Patrick could be seen avoiding physical contact with airport employees and other passengers during the check-in process,” the newspaper wrote.

Airport video footage, according to the report, also showed Sawyer lying flat on his stomach on the floor in the corridor of the airport and seemed to be in “excruciating pain.”

The footage showed Sawyer preventing people from touching him. According to the The New Dawn reporter who reviewed the video, he even snubbed an immigration officer who initiated a friendly gesture of a handshake moments before he boarded the airplane.
FrontPage Africa, another Liberian newspaper, also reported that Sawyer, who was believed to have been infected by his sister, told its reporter shortly before he travelled to Nigeria that he had gone in search of his sister’s husband who ran away after she tested positive to Ebola.

The paper said Sawyer vomited a few times among his friends in Liberia just before heading to the airport and also on the plane. FrontPage Africa’s publisher, Rodney Sieh, later told online news medium, Premium Times by telephone that his paper’s extensive reporting on the matter showed clearly that Sawyer knew he had contracted the Ebola virus before travelling to Nigeria.

“He definitely knew he was sick and it was curious that he still decided to travel,” Sieh said. “His sister had died from the virus and he most likely had contact with her.”

According to FrontPage Africa, after Sawyer became ill on the airplane, he denied to First Consultants’ personnel that he had contact with anyone infected with Ebola despite repeated inquiries after initial tests for Malaria and HIV were negative.
The newspaper said Sawyer however flew into a rage and behaved in a disruptive manner at First Consultants after he was told he had tested positive for Ebola. 

FG Awaits US Response on Request for Drug

Meanwhile, the health minister said yesterday that the federal government was awaiting the response of the US Centre for Disease Control (US CDC) in Atlanta for its request for the experimental drug ZMapp, which was administered to two American aid workers who have shown remarkable signs of recovery after contracting the Ebola virus in Liberia.

Chukwu told reporters on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Defence Identification Centre (DIA) at the Magadishu Cantonment in Abuja, that the US was yet to respond to Nigeria’s request for the supply of the experimental drug, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported.

“We have not received any response from them (America), we have made the request; we believe they will respond to us.
“But we know that this is still an experimental drug, some of the data required are now being collected, but they are now using it on people,” he said.

The minister acknowledged that Nigerian health authorities were not completely sure of the drug’s efficacy, saying: “We are not yet completely sure if there are side effects that will outweigh its benefits”.

He further pointed out that if it was an experimental drug, it was not being produced in commercial quantities.
“So obviously given the demand all over the world, may be there will be challenges about supply, but we are awaiting their formal response,” he said.

Obama Dashes Nigeria’s Hopes

Despite Chukwu’s seeming optimism, Nigeria’s hope was dashed by US President Barack Obama who said yesterday that it was too early to distribute the vaccine.

According to a tweet from Agence France-Presse (AFP), Obama had dashed countless hopes across the continent by disabusing previous notions that the drug got from specially modified tobacco leaves, would be flown out in large quantities to Africa for affected patients.
AFP quoted Obama to have said: “Affected countries should instead focus on building a strong public infrastructure.

“I think we have to let the science guide us. And I don’t think all the information is on whether this drug is helpful.
“It is not an airborne disease. This is one that can be controlled and contained very effectively if we use the right protocols.
“The countries affected are the first to admit that what’s happened here is the public health systems have been overwhelmed. They weren’t able to identify and then isolate cases quickly enough.

“As a consequence, it spread more rapidly than has been typical with the periodic Ebola outbreaks that occurred previously.”
Obama however said the US was working closely with its European partners and WHO to provide resources to help contain the epidemic.
He said: “We’re focusing on the public health approach right now, because we know how to do that, but I will continue to seek information about what we’re learning with respect to these drugs going forward.”