New Rita Pam Tarachi song: Change the Tide

Inspirational Singer, Rita Pam Tarachi, recorded a new song yesterday titled “Change the Tide” What’s more? This song will be available for download – FREE!! She wrote on her blog

“Hello beautiful people,

So, I recorded a new song today “Change the Tide” and I had the most lovely time in the Studio. I met new artistes and all. I’m truly blessed.

“Change the Tide” wasn’t the song I’d picked out to record. I was actually meaning to record another song until (As usual) Inspiration fell from Heaven and I knew I just had to record the song. I’ve had to think about writing this kind of song over and over. I’m rather reluctant when it comes to writing about my personal life and all and though I do but I try to be careful so it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining. I instead put it out in a way that I’m thankful for challenges, etc.

I just wanted to share the lyrics of my new song with you all and to let you know this song will be available for free. This means you can download all you want and invite your friends too and of course, give feedback.

After I listened to the song “Sadeness” by Enigma, I developed an increasing love for the latin language. I’m so awed that I’m able to express myself in latin so genuinely and freely. So, I brought it back on this song. The words hold tremendous meaning for me and I hope they do for you too. I’ll be speaking more about this song in the coming days. I just want to encourage YOU through these verses that no matter what you may be passing through, you’re not alone. People may mock you, fail you, misunderstand you and persecute you but there’s hope. Just keep moving!! I’ve had a lot of people complain about segregation, friends under-estimating them or their talents and I reach out to every one of them and encourage them to have faith. A lot of things contribute to making this world a sad sad place. When the LORD created the world, it was a beautiful place. HE had no intention whatsoever that anyone should be hurt by their fellow beings. Arrogance/Pride, wickedness, heresy, blasphemy, etc on the part of humans has made the world what it is today. Humans are responsible for making this world this way which only convinces us the more that in this world, there’s really no rest for the soul who quests fro holiness.

Enjoy the lyrics below and remember I truly, truly believe you, from the very bottom of my heart!!

Here’s a thought

Just keep moving

A thought to myself

Tribulations, trials that set me free

Pure freedom

In knowing that joy comes after pain

And I cannot change the tide

I can only learn to swim

I’m changing direction tonight

I’m letting it all go tonight

You just gotta listen

This heart that was once bleeding

(A cruce salus)

Cup in hand

Watching the world go by

The essence of grief running down twin springs of sorrow.

And I cannot change the tide

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem

I can only learn to swim

Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam

I’m changing direction tonight

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem

I’m letting it all go tonight

Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam

Rita Pam”

Once this song’s available, I will let you all know.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I am looking forward to hear the song. I shared the link.


  2. Samson says:

    Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also


  3. Rodrick Vena says:

    I’m Rita’s biggest fan 🙂


  4. Gabriel says:

    This blog has inspired me to continue writing on my own blog


  5. Alexis Menietto says:

    I love the new song alot


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