Jens Kanngiesser’s many lies

The criminal, Jens Kanngiesser has been deeming reports in-appropriate on But fans have written to HelloPeter team will EVIDENCE of his transaction with Hamit Eguz.

Jens, if you’re reading this, you’re only making more problems for yourself ’cause a lawyer has finally been hired and has promised that this July you’re going to jail.

Jens is a liar. His reverbnation store is fake. Anybody who buys anything from his store gets cheated. Jens has cheated a total of 23 people of $2,330. Jens keeps the money to himself and never delivers the fake songs. Keep reporting him on HelloPeter and everywhere else.

Let’s unite and get rid of this very dangerous criminal. Report his twitter account @drkmusik


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  1. Johan S says:

    Very very true! Jens has been to prison before.


  2. Jens opens many accounts to comment on posts, haha! He’s only wasting his time. He has been to jail before on account of fraud! Jens, we know you’re on this site, we have your many IP addresses and will pass them along to the police 🙂


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