Tom Cruise Divorce … Katie Leaving with ZILCH

Happy 50th birthday, Tom Cruise! Even though Katie Holmes just filed for divorce … we’ll tell you why Tom still has a couple of BIG things he can celebrate today — and no, “Rock of Ages” is NOT one of them. Plus, R. Kelly says Ryan Gosling — in “The Notebook” — forced made him to get divorced … but that’s news to his ex-wife! Andrea Kelly joins us with her take on what their breakup. Also, baseball Hall of Famer Jim Palmer and his wife call in to explain why he’s unloading his trophies — and why she banned them from their house! Wow … did we mention he’s in the Hall of Fame??


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea Belsh says:

    I wish them well


  2. Expose a criminal called Dr.K says:

    @musicDRK << Expose this criminal. He is a LIAR. Do not buy anything from his reverb store #drk #jenskanngiesser #reverbnation @ReverbNation


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