For the Man who made me look (Or the Man who made me see)


I walk along a stone-walled path

And I can’t help but look for the sign that was not there

But I look nonetheless,

Just because He told me it was there…

Who says a poet does not need a muse?

Even the sunflower follows her sun,

And all rivers look forward to the ocean.

But unique a muse must be.

Just as the sun dominates the sky

And the ocean devoid of all its man-made names,

Is but One ocean…

And whatever he may be;

My muse, my Sun, my Ocean

My Inspiration, My Light, My Home

I am grateful,

For the piece of sanity in an insane world

For the smiles in an almost lonesome existence

For the clarity in a muddled life…

And as I walked along that stone-walled lane,

I smiled not because I saw the sign,

But because he told me  it was there…

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