Justin Theroux Finally Proposes To Jennifer Aniston; Why She Said No

Ever since she divorced Brad Pitt ages and ages ago, Jennifer Anistonhas been plagued with rumors of still longing for Brad, being pregnant, or being engaged.

Well OK! magazine is now reporting that one of those rumors almost became fact during a recent vacation. Jen, 43, and her boyfriend Justin Theroux, 40, recently spent two weeks on an European vacation, and according to the mag, Justin ended up proposing.  But while Jen got very emotional, she ended up turning him down.

“She feels like she only got the proposal because she pushed for it,” an insider reveals to OK! “She doesn’t want a guy marrying her because he feels some sort of pressure.”

According to OK!, another reason Jen said no was because she and Justin ended up having a big fight during the vacation, before Justin’s proposal. The fight was reportedly about Jen’s concern that Justin was unable to commit for the long haul as evident by the fact that he dated his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens for over 14 years without marrying her.

“She realizes that Justin has commitment issues,” says the source.

“Jen and Justin have been dating for 15 months and she’s not sure where their romance is going,” says another confidante. “She took a year off work to concentrate on their relationship. But there’s no suggestion of any real commitment from Justin, and she fears he’ll just keep stringing her along until he grows bored with her, like he did with his prior girlfriend.”

So following the big fight, Justin apparently popped the question leading Jen to say no as she felt he did it for the wrong reasons.

“She told him she loves him and wants to marry him, but she couldn’t say yes,” explained the insider. “She wants everything to feel right, not rushed. She told him she feels like he’s not ready, but she is willing to wait for him.”

If this story is true, giant emphasis on if, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Justin proposes again! As other reports have stated the couple is already engaged.


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