‘I wanna apologise for the attitude:’ Paris Jackson changes her tune after angry Twitter tirade… but has yet to confirm if she’s spoken to grandmother Katherine

Paris Jackson has taken to Twitter this evening with an apologetic message following a series of angry tweets concerning reports of her grandmother’s well-being. The 14-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson fumed on the micro-blogging website about being blocked from speaking to her legal guardian, Michael’s mother, Katherine. But after a flurry of posts – including threats to the person responsible for the matriarch’s sudden departure from their shared Los Angeles home – Paris had seemingly calmed and took a more sombre tone this evening.
a lot of ppl have been saying that i “changed”, she wrote.
i wanna apologize for the attitude… there’s just a lot going on… i promise: the ego = gone(:’.

Paris earlier in the day promised to ‘make whoever did this pay’ after not being able to contact her grandmother Katherine for nine days.

The teenager and her two brothers, Prince and Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, are wards of the 82-year-old Jackson family matriach and normally live with her at a luxury compound in Calabasas.

But a dispute over their father’s $500m will has sparked a family feud, with their grandmother caught in the middle.
Latest reports state Katherine is currently at a spa in Arizona, arranged by daughter Janet, after spending a few days with her daughter Rebbie and other family members in the state.

But she has not contacted Michael’s three children during this time, with her son Jermiane admitting in a statement that she has been denied access to phones or computers to ensure her ‘well being’.

After a series of increasingly worried and angry tweets about the situation, Paris today wrote: ‘9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay.’

Previously she had written: ‘something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!< 3.'


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