Romance Rumor du Jour: Demi Moore Rebounds With (Shocker) a Younger Man

So, remember earlier this week, when we were hearing how “devastated” Demi Moore was over Ashton Kutcher’s now PDA-inclusive romance with Mila Kunis? That it was like a “knife in her heart”?

In a conveniently timed coming-out, the actress, 49, has been photographed with 37-year-old Martin Henderson, who’s best known as the pleasantly attractive rich guy who woos Aishwarya Rai in “Bride & Prejudice.”

Life & Style, which nabbed the exclusive on the pics, says the two have been “secretly dating,” although details are scarce on where they met and how long they’ve been seeing each other. Demi and Martin were snapped last week while strolling (see below) during a “romantic” getaway to Connecticut, which, as amorous destinations go, seems like an unconventional choice.

Far from being a “heartbroken,” empty husk who sits home alone watching old episodes of “Punk’d” and wondering why her daughters don’t call, Demi is on the upswing, say optimistic sources.

“She looked great: chatty, healthy and happy,” enthuses an eyewitness.

Moore’s attenuated figure has been a concern since her November split from Kutcher, so it’s not surprising that the cheery L&S story focuses a lot on food.

During lunch at a deli, “She was in line and a Colbie Caillat song came on,” shares a spy. “She started singing along and dancing in a playful, flirty way.”

Demi and Martin also went grocery shopping together, shared a lobster dinner and dined at a barbecue joint with pals.

“They just kept chatting and laughing,” says an onlooker, with another noting, “They were very comfortable with each other.”

In Touch wants you to know just how at-ease they are. The tab claims that while on a hike with the actor, Moore “felt comfortable enough to squat behind a tree and relieve herself.”

And yes, we, too, wish we could burn that image from our brain.

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