10 unhealthy relationship habits you need to break.

It’s time to revamp your love-life – whether you’re single, in a relationship or it’s all just a bit complicated. Want to know how? Here are the 10 unhealthy habits you need to break to ensure a fulfilling, loved-up 2013…Stop being a defeatist If you think you’ll never find love or have a perfect relationship, you really need to change that attitude – and fast. ‘Negative thinking will bring negative results because it’s impossible to turn a series of dates into a relationship if you don’t believe it can happen,’ says Kate Taylor, relationship expert at Match.com. ‘Remember, people like you find love every day.’ Want a quick tip to help you change your thinking? Psychologist Dr Massimo Stocchi from Harley Street Psychology suggests: ‘Use the “yes, but” strategy. Every time you say something negative, break the mould by training your brain to counter with the positive. For example, “I feel like I’ll never find love. Yes, but… what if I do?”

1. Stay positive
2. Be interesting to be around. Giving short speeches or sentences puts men off and women too
3. Create new topics to talk about
4. Be generous with your feelings
5. Never bring up an ex
6. Don’t be overly jealous
7. Be light hearted
8. Have a sense of humor
9. Give lots of smiles
10. Stay open

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