Unhealthiest Foods: What Nutrition Experts Won’t Eat

By Keri Gans for U.S. News

As a registered dietitian, many people are interested in what foods I eat, and just as often, what would never land on my plate. All foods fit, I say to them, and to my patients. Anything in moderation. But truth be told, there are foods that — barring a deserted-island situation — I wouldn’t touch. White bread, Spam, sugary breakfast cereals, soda, cheese doodles and Doritos: Not for me. I avoid foods that offer very limited, if any, nutritional benefit. While I have a few exceptions, at this point, those kinds of foods don’t even taste good to me. I asked my registered dietitian (RD) friends, with whom I’ve enjoyed good food and cocktails, what foods they avoid:

The consensus? Most of us focus on a “clean” diet. We like to know where our foods came from and to be able to pronounce all the ingredients on the label — if there even is a label. Even if there are foods my friends and I wouldn’t eat, we try focusing more on what we should eat. By directing our choices toward the positive, maybe by default, we’ll eat less of the negative.


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