Lindsay Lohan calls in sick for Wednesday court hearing

Lindsay Lohan calls in sick for Wednesday court hearing — but not too ill to go shopping or smoke!

Lindsay Lohan claims she’s too feeble to fly — so she’s reportedly planning to skip a mandatory court hearing Wednesday morning.

The “Mean Girls” star was ordered to appear in person before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, but her new lawyer Mark Heller submitted a doctor’s note saying she has a serious upper respiratory infection, reported Tuesday.

Lohan, 26, purportedly got the note from a Park Avenue doctor over the weekend, around the same time she was photographed shopping up a storm in SoHo.

In one of the photos, she’s puffing away on a cigarette.

Judge Sautner did not issue a decision on the reported note as of Tuesday morning, a source told the Daily News.

She could sign a warrant for Lohan’s arrest if she determines the excuse is bogus.

The actress was ordered to make a courtroom cameo to sort out her legal representation ahead of a Feb. 27 trial in her car crash case.

She’s facing three misdemeanor charges in the pending prosecution: lying to a police officer, reckless driving and obstruction.

Cops say Lohan initially claimed she wasn’t behind the wheel when her loaner Porsche collided with a dump truck last June, but investigators later determined she was indeed the driver.

Lohan was on probation for misdemeanor shoplifting at the time of the alleged cover-up — so the three new charges carry maximum sentences ranging from 90 days to a year behind bars.

She also could get 245 days for violating her probation.

A source told The News Tuesday that there have been no global talks on a potential plea deal that would spare the “Liz & Dick” star jail time.

Lohan’s longtime legal ace Shawn Holley pleaded not guilty to the crash charges on Lohan’s behalf two weeks ago but has since resigned.

Holley saved Lohan from the jaws of jail many times over the last few years but became frustrated when Heller sent her a letter saying he was now in charge, sources told The News.

Lohan begged Holley to return, but the damage was already done, sources said.

Heller, based in New York, was on a plane to Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon and unavailable for comment, a colleague said.

His former clients include “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz and reality star Jon Gosselin. He was suspended from practicing law for several years in the 1990s.

He is not licensed to practice in California.

Sautner, meanwhile, is the same judge who cautioned Lohan last year to behave in a more “mature” manner.

The warning came after Lohan finished the community service hours related to her combined shoplifting and double-DUI case.

“The only terms left … are to obey all laws. It’s not that hard. I know it’s kind of hard when people are following you all over the place, but that’s the life you chose,” Sautner said. “I’m not going to lecture you. You need to lead your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”


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