La Toya Jackson Signs Prince, Paris And Blanket To Her Talent Agency, Takes Control Of Their Careers (REPORT)

While the Jackson family drama was going down last summer, one family member was reportedly lying low and plotting a takeover.

La Toya Jackson, Michael’s older sister, has reportedly taken Jacko’s three children — Prince, Paris and Blanket — under her care, provided sanctuary for them while all the madness was going on, and along the way also signed the kids onto her talent agency. Coincidentally, her talent agency — Ja-Tail Enterprises — consists exclusively of her deceased brother’s children, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

“They needed comfort with everyone showing their wild side, so they watched television together, they listened to music and they talked about what Mike would want. Mostly, it was Toya doing all the talking,” a family insider told Page Six.

Since signing the kids on to Ja-Tail, La Toya landed Prince his “ET” correspondent gig, his upcoming cameo on CW’s “90210” (a show she herself appeared on), and Paris’ movie deal. According to Page Six, La Toya pockets 15 percent commission from each such deal.

The kids are also expected to play a role in the Jackson family reality series, “Life with La Toya.” According to Page Six, the show is the crown jewel in La Toya’s plan to profit off of her deceased brother and his children


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