Online Scam who sells fake dollars

Beware of a Cameroonian who sells fake dollars and fake passports and IDs. His website is

His Ads are all over the internet here, he uses different names but he’s one and the same person:

To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.

He goes by the name Frank Mask too, with this email and number



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  1. Lauren says:

    Everyone and I mean everyone should avoid that man, he is a criminal, a real one. He will only dupe you.


    1. Anita says:

      He duped me of $6000 last year, never heard from him again. I still get pissed off thinking of it but I was foolish and now I prefer to save my own money


  2. jeff says:

    I sent an email to the fbi and I got a response. His ip address has been noted. One of his fake emails is trace that email it is coming from his phone/server. I am so glad the fbi has been very responsive.


    1. I know!!! Right here on my dashboard I have his email ip. Infact, he is on this site right now. And may post using a fake name and email. is his email. I have noted the ip address too.


  3. Pastor Jodie says:

    Cameroonians are very disgusting and terrible, google and see what you come up with. This man is cursed, frank mask or whatever, I have placed a permanent curse on him.


  4. Martha says:

    I curse that man too, duped me of $50,000 he will never flourish in his life, curses and curses shall follow him for his illegal trade. No pastor will be able to take away the curse. It is a life time curse, he will meet bad luck for the rest of his filthy life.


  5. Stefanie says:

    I really don’t trust africans. If he could dupe people, then he could as well be a killer or some hacker. I saw his ad on a forum, I never clicked it. Money counterfeiting is wrong. He cannot excuse his trade to poverty, people are poor but can’t he work hard. Shame on him. And I wish him many years in hell. Trust me, the FBI will get him soon. They can go undercover and pose as buyers just like what Carol did.


  6. Lucille says:

    He tried to dupe my friend but she was very suspicious and reported him to His news and information is all over the place. No one would buy from him ’cause as Stefanie said the FBI would go undercover and pretend to be a client and then get him!!! Haha I can’t wait for that day.


  7. Cafra says:

    I have his full name and address. My cousin in cameroon helped me. If anyone wants it, email me


  8. Richard says:

    Cafra, I do, I’m a lawyer and I want that name and address badly. Many have complained about him here in Canada. His game’s up.


  9. Timothy says:

    I called his cellphone hours back anonymously but he terminated the call. Everyone should try that number, it rings but he never answers. Its a cameroonian number, the code is 237 and his network is called MTN


  10. Bernice says:

    Thanks so much for warning us. I read on another news site that he asks people to send him money through western union. NO ONE should send any money to this maggot. He is a filthy dirty poor criminal.


  11. Maggie says:

    Wow!!! Thank god I never fell victim. Believe me, he will be caught. I know. Wait and see…


  12. Deirdre says:

    I’m glad many people go under-cover to pretend as buyers so they can get info and submit to legal authorities. Best way to get criminals off the internet. I’ve noted down his ip address. I read about him on google, many people complained. Shame on him.


  13. Peter says:

    I just called the US Embassy in Cameroon, in Yaonde to lay a complaint about this man, I was redirected on who to call.


  14. Vivian says:

    Its men like him who give cameroon such a bad name. I know he will be caught soon, I will call him too and do my undercover research, I will pose as a buyer and pretend to send the money via western union, I heard his full name is MBI


  15. Lucian says:

    I have his full details that he gave my girlfriend, when he asked her to send money via western union and yes, Mbi is part of his name. I have the email but I will have to check and then post all his details here x


  16. George says:

    Sick man!


  17. Natasha says:

    Everyone should stay cleer of the Mbi fraud. He has many numbers and emails. Anywhere you see his ad, report it and send the link to appropriate authorities. All his Ads have the same bad english and expression. He is not hard to find


  18. Harry says:

    I filed a claim against Frank Mask or Mbi or whatever his name, read below:

    Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

    Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the following information for future contacts with the IC3:

    Complaint Id: xxxx (masked for my privacy)
    Password: xxxx (masked for my privacy)

    If you wish to view/download your complaint or have any additional information to provide to the IC3, please use the following link and login with the above complaint id and password.

    The IC3’s mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 aims to give the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism.

    Complaint Status
    The IC3 receives thousands of complaints each month and does not have the resources to respond to inquiries regarding the status of complaints. It is the IC3’s intention to review all complaints and refer them to law enforcement and regulatory agencies having jurisdiction. Ultimately, investigation and prosecution are at the discretion of the receiving agencies.

    It is important that you maintain any evidence you may have relating to your complaint. Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, phone bills, mailing envelopes, mail receipts, a printed copy of a website, copies of emails, or similar items. Please keep the items in a safe location, in case you are requested to provide them for investigative purposes.

    Additionally, to learn more about Internet schemes and ways to protect yourself, please visit


  19. Brittany says:

    Woooow VERY GOD Harry, I will file a complaint against Frank Mask too. And give all info about him from what I’ve gathered.


  20. Zechariah says:

    He’s a real sicko, why’s he not in jail yet?


  21. Carol says:

    Look at what he sent me, LOOOOL

    Dobgima Samkia
    Zip Code……………………………………00237
    Test Question…………………………….What for?
    Test Answer………………………………Business

    Everybody, start reporting, these are his western union details.


  22. Tamara Kent says:

    These are Jeff/Frank Mask’s details and IP address:

    Author : jeff (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :

    I have submitted to local authorities, everyone do the same, thank you!


  23. Henry says:

    So that’s his real name? .Kevin
    Dobgima Samkia

    However it may be a fake name cos he uses many aliases, important thing is the FBI are doing their work


  24. Joe Fronte says:

    What an ugly name… .Kevin
    Dobgima Samkia… Sounds like a dogs name, hahaha


  25. Kenan Wealth says:

    Everyone search for his name on google “.Kevin
    Dobgima Samkia”. Search for his name on facebook, everywhere and report. Provide full details and necessary evidence you have. I will forward this to the embassy at yaounder so they can search for him properly and post on their website warning people about him.


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