Mocha Chocolate Cupcakes

I actually made these a few months ago for my best friend, who’s coffee obsessed, and never got around to posting the recipe (partly because it’s not vegan, sorry) so I thought I’d finally do it now. Better late than never, eh?

I love the combination of coffee and chocolate, so these are good cupcakes to make if you’re like me and are quite addicted. It’s a shame I haven’t been baking a great deal recently because my oven at university’s so shockingly bad; looking at these have got me really in the mood for chocolate now… Maybe I’ll have a go at doing some more no-bake biscuits again, but honestly, our oven is just “hot” and “not hot”, so it’s impossible to do anything properly in it. A grand majority of my food now gets cooked in the microwave – you can cook pasta in the microwave! Who knew?!…

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