Mocha Porridge

I used to detest and loathe coffee, and now it’s an addiction since I drank 3 cups to get through a 9am lecture after a night out. I don’t know how or why it happened really, but I really love black coffee now, so I thought it would be appropriate to further this love into breakfast time, and make some mocha and chocolate porridge (especially after my coffee-loving best friend texted me saying I had to make some!). Oh God, it tastes amazing. This will probably be my life for the next few weeks, just coffee porridge for every single meal. It certainly made revision more appealing this morning, as I’m trying to power through my essays, having chocolate in my belly definitely helps!

Coffee tends to be a love/hate affair, and I’ve crossed from one to the other in a matter of months; how do you guys stand on…

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