Beware of Jens Kanngiesser: what you need to know

Last year we watched in horror as ex-convict (He still cheats people) Jens Kanngiesser faked his own death to escape his numerous crimes. His story was carried on many blogs. He tried to make a come-back under the name of “Mark Gendersens” but German police was smarter. These are a few of his links:

He tweets here: @drkmusik

His naked pictures were also leaked online after it was alleged he rapes under-age girls. He is also a known womanizer and has a phobia to settle in marriage. As of noon a few twitterers are furious that Jens is back. And have been tweeting with the hashtag #jailjenskanngiesser and #drkisfake

Warn your friends about him. He is not a musician. He is a criminal. Do NOT buy anything from him. He will only dupe you. We can see how unprofessional all his covers look and his bad English as well. Why this man insists on being in the public eye is quite baffling; he’s threatened people who’ve refused to buy his fake CDs, he just needs to be off the Internet ’cause he will never make a living selling fake music/ Report his accounts now and write to, myspace, facebook, twitter,etc and let them know they need to keep their websites crime-free!!

Jens Kanngiesser also has several accounts on Twitter were he poses as other users defending him. He’s someone who sits on his laptop 24/7. Never purchase anything from his reverbnation store, you will only regret ever having anything to do with this con-man. Spread the word and keep the Internet crime-free!!

Read his story here:

To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed!!

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  1. He is a fake and no one should do business with him, he is a german fraud and a criminal per excellence, a con man who stole 500 Euros from a fellow german and claims to sell laptops, all his stores are fake and his songs too


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