Peach & Apple Crumble

Autumn’s nearly here and I felt like doing some baking, so I thought I’d make an apple and peach crumble that I found in a cookbook. Apologies that the photo’s really ugly, crumble isn’t the most attractive dessert on the planet, but it tastes so good; makes me all nostalgic for awful school dinners! The good thing about this crumble as well is that the peaches inside make it taste really fresh and light, as well as being full of comforting crumbly goodness – to make it extra tasty, put more demerara sugar on top before the oven so it’s all crunchy.

Hope you enjoy it, see you after my horrendously busy week (last week without internet, yey!)


One cooking apple

Two eating apples

One tin of peaches

125ml of water

85g of plain flour

55g of porridge oats

55g of demerara sugar

55g of vegan margarine


  1. Preheat…

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