Make Your Own Race

Will Run for Glitter

This weekend was absolutely perfect — a wonderful combination of excess and exercise, fun and fit. Really, that’s how all weekends should be. It’s how all days should be. It’s how, quite frankly, all runs should be — a perfect blend of serious and silliness all mixed into one.

On Saturday, my cousin D and I planned on driving out to Riverhead for our annual apple and pumpkin picking adventure.


(Graceful is my middle name.)

With that in mind, I allowed myself to wake up slowly in the morning. I could have run. Sure. But instead, I turned on the TV and saw that We Bought a Zoo was on, and so instead of lacing up and heading out, I pulled the covers up close to my face and nuzzled back into bed.

After four days straight of working out (not OMG crazy but perfectly respectable if you…

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