20 Items to Definitely Pack for an African Safari (And 3 to Forget!)

Will Run for Glitter

Prior to my trip to Africa, I had pretty much zero idea what to expect — about anything. The food. The people. The weather. The accommodations. The clothes. I mean, it took me nearly five years to discover that there were specific shorts made to reduce thigh chafing in runners. So really, it’s not all that surprising that I struggled with attire with just a week to go before my trip.

That’s why when someone mentioned that it’d be a good idea to outline a few of the do’s and don’t’s of safari-ing, I thought to myself — that’s a horrible idea! I know nothing about going on a safari, especially having been in the bush for just seven days.

But then it dawned on me. The entire concept behind this blog is based around being an “expert novice.” Like I’ve said a billion times before, after seven/eight years of…

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