This Couple Broadcasts All Their Fights on Twitter! Brilliant Idea or Horrible Idea?

When I first started to read the New York Magazine article about a couple from Chicago that broadcasted all their fights on Twitter, I was skeptical. I thought: Ugh attention whores! They’re as bad as the junior high couples on Facebook who writes passive-aggressive comments about each other. Get over yourselves!


But as I started to read more and actually understand what they do and how they do it, I thought it was totally hilarious and totally brilliant! Claire Meyer and Alan Linic, who have been dating for about 8 months, shared a Twitter account, titled We Fought About. In their Twitter feed, they list every argument the couple undergoes, but the brilliant thing about it is that they only write the incident that sparked the fight. We all know that one thing sets us off and then it all spirals into one gaint fight about something our significant other did weeks ago. These two get that.

My fiance and I fight about the most idiotic things in the world. (Example: I was mad at him last night for not wanting to ride in the same car as me when we were changing locations). He had no idea I felt this way, and then we were stuck in another fight where he had no idea we were fighting and I was seething. This is where Claire and Alan would duke it out and then tweet about it! It’s like, I obviously want them to be happy and not fight, but I’m obsessed with their Twitter and don’t want it to end.

Check out some of their most hilarious and also relatable tweets (courtesy of their amazing Twitter) in the gallery below!



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