Slow Your Role, Live The Moment

Will Run for Glitter

I dare you to ask me how many times I’ve gotten sick in the last month. No really, go ahead. Do it, I double doggy dare you. Ask me.

Fine, you want the answer? Three. I’ve literally felt significantly under the weather three separate times over a four-week period. The first: a six-day, never-ending jet lag following my trip to Africa. The second, a six-day, never-ending cold/sore throat/fever that finally resolved itself a week or so before my trip to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving. And finally, cold number three, which I’ve been battling for the last three days – no doubt the result of sitting in front of a germy child on my flight back from South Carolina who’d never been told to “cover your mouth” when coughing. Seriously, people, train your children.

So here I am, three days after returning from a relaxing trip down south and fighting to…

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