New Ways With Herbs

The Botanical Kitchen

I was browsing through seed catalogues this week trying to decide what to get planting this year for the windowsill, back garden and the allotment.  I pondered over the herb sections for the longest while and placed the usual candidates in my virtual shopping basket – Basil, Coriander, Parsley, Dill, Chives etc.  These are everyday staples I could not do without but I was inspired by this infographic by Deborah Madison.   I’ve never paired basil with green beans for example.  I always reach for the parsley or coriander.


This little infographic has also inspired me to plant herbs I don’t have or know much about.  Lovage for example and marjoram.  Neither feature in my recipes so I’ve placed both on order to get experimenting this year.

How to grow?

Then I started pondering where I would grow all my herbs so I could reach them easily from the kitchen…

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