Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner & More Stars Go From Hunky To Hefty — Pics

Browse our gallery of plumped-up guys, then vote for your favorite!

Have you ever thought, while gawking at one of your favorite male celebrities, “I wonder what he would look like if he was fat?” Probably not, but that’s why you have HollywoodLife.com in your life. We think about weird stuff like that all the time, and thus, we’ve come up with a gallery of what our favorite guys would look like with a little more meat on their bones.

Fat Celebrities: What Would These Guys Look Like?

Let’s start with the musicians, shall we? Whether he’s jet-skiing in Miami, or going on an angry post-interview rampage through Times Square, Chris Brown always looks good — and somehow, he totally rocks the plus-sized look, too! Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone also look strangely good with more meat on their bones, but the true feast (for the eyes) in this category has got to be Harry Styles. Sure, his tattoos would become super stretched-out if he gained a ton of weight, but just look at that face! Must. Squeeze. Cheeks.

The rest of the guys in our gallery are actors, and we’d love to see them perform a love scene with love handles! Take Ian Somerhalder, for example; just how many humans would Damon have to eat on The Vampire Diaries in order to reach his size in our gallery? Other hotties-turned-hefties include Liam Hemsworth (we couldn’t resist using this gross picture from The Last Song); Taylor Lautner (who would still convert us to Team Jacob, even with more to love); Robert Pattinson; and Zac Efron – you know, if instead of having his jaw wired shut, it was permanently attached to Happy Meals.






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