Miley Cyrus: How Liam Hemsworth Has Ruined Her Dating Life

Miley has been on lots of dates but unfortunately nothing has clicked for her in the love department just yet. Now a new report claims the reason is because Miley can’t shake her feelings for Liam.  Do you think she needs to move on from Liam for good?

Miley Cyrus is still so broken over her split with ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, that she can’t find a guy. The report in OK! magazine claims that Miley does outrageous things to turn guys off that she thinks like her.

Miley Cyrus — How Liam Hemsworth Split Ruined Her Dating Life

The singer has turned into a “commitment-phobe” since Liam called it quits with her, according to an insider.

“She’s surrounded by some of the hottest guys around, but Miley’s turned into a total commitment-phobe. It doesn’t take long before they get the message and give up,” the source says. “She’ll do something crazy that turns them off or intimidates them, like blatantly making out with a random girl or gay guy in full view of everyone.”

The source goes on that say that Miley knows she has a “wild reputation” and she is “taking advantage” of that.  But why is Miley pushing potential suitors away? The unnamed friend of Miley says that it’s because she’s “in denial over the heartache of breaking up with Liam.”

“She doesn’t want to let anyone get close to her,” the source says. “Like she opened up to Liam.”

Miley Cyrus Kisses Cara Delevingne

Miley has been kissing a lot of people recently, including girls! Not only did she make out with Katy Perry at her concert on Feb. 22 but not too long after she kissed Cara Delevingne, who is bisexual. But learned that Miley is not bisexual, she just enjoys being over-the-top!


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