Justin Bieber’s bad boy father splits with mother of two of his kids ‘after leaving her so he can party’ with troubled star

Split: Justin enjoys a sushi lunch with his father and Erin and their two children in happier times. Jeremy is living apart from Erin but they are sharing custody of the children, who Justin adores

Justin Bieber’s bad boy father has split from the mother of his two young children and has apparently chosen a life of partying with his superstar son instead.

Jeremy Bieber, 39, who was with Justin when he was arrested for drag racing last month, ended his seven-year romance with Erin Wagner and the pair are living apart, sharing custody of Jaxon, 4, and Jazmyn, 5.

It is unclear when the couple split, but friends have said their relationship has been struggling for some time and rumors of a break up have circulated before.

But the couple were regularly pictured together until late last year and spent Thanksgiving with each other.

Sources say Erin – who is incredibly close to Justin – couldn’t handle Jeremy constantly going away with the pop star and living the high-life.

The situation seemed to really start getting to the 27-year-old in the days leading up to Justin’s Miami arrest as she made a series of emotional tweets saying how unhappy she was.

On January 16 she wrote ‘this is all I need’ and posted a longing quotation: ‘I don’t need a perfect one.. I just need someone who can make me feel like I’m the only one’.

A week later Justin, 19, was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest without violence. Jeremy had accompanied his son on the controversial break.

Tattooed Jeremy – who has been jailed at least twice in the past – was heavily criticised in the wake of the incident with Justin’s millions of fans accusing him of being a terrible influence.

It was even suggested he was in an SUV blocking the street to allow the drag race.

The day after Justin was released from custody on a $2,500 bond, the father and son pair were pictured out partying.
And then on January 31, Jeremy was present again when his son was accused of smoking marijuana on a private flight and verbally abusing a flight attendant.

It seems everything got too much for Erin during that turbulent period and four days after the DUI arrest she wrote: ‘Hard to believe sometimes that things can get better! Trying to keep going!’

She followed that up with: ‘Ready for the next chapter…..wonder what it’s about….#unknown’.

This is not the first time Jeremy’s wild behavior has affected his family life for the worse. He split from Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, just 10 months after she had given birth to the future global superstar following a troubled on off relationship.

According to Pattie’s autobiography, The Only Way Is Up, the teenagers were actually engaged, but called off the wedding when Jeremy cheated on her with a mutual acquaintance.

She also claims Jeremy was in the county jail for fighting the day Justin was born and that he often let his son down, regularly failing to turn up when he was due to take him out for the day.

A source told MailOnline: ‘Jeremy has always been a bad boy. When he first got together with Pattie he was a big drinker and loved to party.

Close: While Jeremy was not always around during his childhood, they seem to be inseparable recently
Blood: Justin and Jeremy got matching tattoos. Those close to them say he's more of a friend than a father

‘He has always adored his son, but he wasn’t mature enough to be a responsible parent and his lifestyle meant he couldn’t be there for him like a father should be.

‘He got in trouble with the police and would often leave town, sometimes for months at a time.

‘And if the truth be told his attitude towards partying and living the high-life has never changed.

Again, he adores Jaxon and Jazmyne, in fact they are incredibly important to him, but that hasn’t altered his personality.

‘Justin hitting the big time in the way he has is an absolute dream come true for Jeremy and the temptation of being able to travel the globe, living like a superstar was too much to turn down.

‘Erin was always going to take second place to that. They are still on good terms for the sake of the children and she still has a great friendship with Justin, but their relationship has broken down.

‘Jeremy has the opportunity to party with beautiful girls in every city in the world. He was never going to let anything get in the way of that.’

The source added: ‘The fact Jeremy cannot seem to maintain a relationship is just another sign of how flaky he can be. He really isn’t the kind if role model Justin needs around him during this difficult time’

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