20 Incredible Outdoor Marriage Proposals, and How to Pull Them Off (PHOTOS)

It’s a story you’ll be repeating for the rest of your life. Not only that, your friends and family will likely demand to hear every detail — from the wine to the weather to the way your voice broke.

The stakes are high, but try not to panic. We’ve rounded up examples of the most common and cool outdoor proposal ideas. Why outdoors? Nature remains a popular setting for proposals as it can offer an unmatched backdrop for romance (think beach, mountaintop, garden or vineyard).

Of course, it’s also good to keep in mind that relying on Mother Nature doesn’t always go as planned. Last year, a California couple was literally swept off their feet when a giant wave rushed in from the ocean. The pair ended up back on Laguna Beach, where the girlfriend, happy but soaked, accepted the proposal.

Scroll through our slideshow to get ideas for your proposal game plan, and see our tips for staying safe. It should be said, no matter the view or the number of people, sometimes all you need is that special someone. Good luck!

Proposal From Above

It takes a bit of choreography to get 50-plus people to spell out Marry Me for a wedding proposal. But, if you’re able to pull it off, there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling like the hero in a romance movie. (Ame Otoko/flickr)

Proposal From Above

The saying goes that marriage is like a marathon. A great way to stage a totally unexpected proposal is at the end of a race, as pictured above. A woman popped the question at the end of superhero-themed race in Portland. Friends and family were waiting in wedding dresses and veils at the finish line. (Beth Olson/flickr)

Proposal From Above

If you have a close bond with your partner’s friends and family, there’s a chance they’ll love being a part of the proposal (and you can avoid serially dialing relatives to tell the how-you-proposed story). In the photo above, a man opted to create a film, which he screened to his girlfriend at a local theater. (JGS Concepts/flickr)

Proposal From Above

A man made an important day even more memorable when he caught his then-girlfriend off guard by proposing during a ceremony. He and the rest of the Israel Defense Force’s Naval Officers had finished a three-year course. (Israel Defense Forces/flickr)

Proposal From Above

Many would agree, the more alone you two are, the more romantic the proposal idea is. Even if you live in a big city, there are secluded spots you can get away, such as Central Park in New York, Gasworks Park in Seattle or Crystal Gardens in Chicago. (Kaity Volpe photography/flickr)


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