Better Home and Gardens: 365 Comfort Food

My overall impressions about this book: the recipes are not complicated and are doable for someone without a lot of cooking knowledge. The ingredients are inexpensive and practical for someone with a budget. They mostly don’t take too much time to prepare. I also like that there’s a section dedicated to slow cooker favorites, which are especially helpful for someone who is working and can put the ingredients inside the slow cooker before leaving for work, and have a ready meal when he returns back from work. And in terms of having time to cook, another good recipe section in this book is dedicated to 30-minute meals. On the other hand, the recipes are not very original and don’t vary from something you can find in other cookbooks, with a few exceptions–such as the cherry cola ham recipe and the spiced barbecue turkey thighs, which are creative. Also, the desserts section was pretty good. Overall, I think this book will be fine for individuals learning to cook or people who like to cook their meals quickly. Published by Better Homes and Gardens. 416 pages. Fall 2013.


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