Five Gold Rings: A Royal Wedding Souvenir Album from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II


This book tells the story of five royal weddings: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, the future King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1863, the future King George V and Queen Mary in 1893, the future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1923, and Princess Elizabeth (Her Majesty The Queen) and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1947.

Each of the weddings is presented in turn, with biographies of bride and groom, first meeting, engagement, the preparations for the wedding, ‘the day’ itself, and glimpses of the honeymoon.

Compiled by Jane Roberts, the Royal Librarian, it includes illustrations of wedding dresses and jewellery, gifts between bride and groom, engagement and wedding presents from friends and family, wedding cakes and flowers, menus and music, photographs, and letters and diary entries from the Royal Archives, many of which are reproduced here for the first time.


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