Mail-Order Husbands. Good Idea or Not?

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so hot (translation = I was feeling lonely… translation = I wanted a man), so I did what I usually do when feeling that way: Head to Google News and start looking up phrases like “single women” + “lonely” to see what kind of articles pop up. Inevitably, something interesting always rises to the surface and this time wasn’t any different. In the next couple of days, I’ll post the gem of a resource that I stumbled upon in my search because I think it might be helpful to other lonely gals out there whether they are single or married.

And speaking of marriage, in my pitiable state of desperation, I went to Google’s main page and began looking up (no joke) phrases like “create your own boyfriend” and “receive a love letter.” I’m sure it comes as no surprise that neither search was fruitful. Moments later, in the zenith of my despondency, my fingers actually typed out the words “mail-order husbands.” Yep, folks. I went there. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view), the results weren’t promising.
As of today, doing a Google search for “mail order brides” will generate over two million results, while the phrase “mail order husbands” will only garner a little over 19,000 hits… and the vast majority of those will lead to an infamous prank site. (By the way, the term “mail order grooms” will only result in about 70,000 hits.) After discovering this vast discrepancy between the sexes, I began to seriously ponder why it was that the concept of a mail order spouse is more popular with men than with women.

I’m guessing that a possible answer to my own inquiry may lie within an excerpt from a 2009 article from The Korea Times. The report, which is primarily about the rampant abuse Filipino mail order brides suffered at the hands of their South Korean husbands, states that men look for “housewives who will take care of them and their children from failed former marriages, or their old parents,… generally, these men found it difficult to marry Korean women who are younger or obedient to their mother-in-law so they try to find girls in poorer countries [who] have inferior qualifications and circumstances.” Another answer which I found floating in cyberspace concerning the popularity of mail order brides is that American females are not appealing. Why? Because they’re too independent and don’t value traditional gender roles. Also, women from Asia, Southeast Asia and Russia are generally seen as more physically attractive. As one commenter of an article entitled “Top 10 Facts About Mail-Order-Brides” says, “They are by far thinner and more beautiful than American women as a whole, mostly due to differences in eating and dressing habits and social norms.”

Maybe I’ll just stick to eHarmony.

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