Celebrity Pets

February was a month filled with frustrating weather, but that didn’t stop celebrities and their pets from spending quality time together. From Katy Perry playing with an adorable pooch to Grumpy Cat not being excited at all, check out what all our favorite furry Instagram friends were up to.

Happy Kitty

Grumpy Cat was ecstatic about meeting Terry Bradshaw.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had a laugh with a dog named Mr. Woo.

Kiss, Kiss

Rita Ora snuggled with a sweet pup.

Sweet Snuggle

Whitney Cummings snuggled in bed with her pooch.

Cuddle Up

Behati Prinsloo relaxed with a sweet pup after a long day of work.

Summer Snap

Emmy Rossum enjoyed some downtime with her adorable dog.


Chrissy Teigen enjoyed a puppy-filled slumber party.

Oh, Baby

Gilles Marini shared this sweet snap of a moment with one of his baby chicks.

Royal Welcome!

How cute is the newest little royal?! And we love that the dog was included in the official picture.


Colonel Meow celebrated his induction to the 2014 Guinness World Records.

Kiss, Kiss

Miley Cyrus planted a smooch on her dog, Floyd.

Best Friends

Bo Obama got a new friend — meet Sunny!

Who Needs Summer?

And Grumpy Cat was, well, still grumpy.

Lots of Love

Julianne Hough got lots of love from her two pups.

Quick Kiss

Amanda Seyfried got a quick kiss while on set.

Sweet Snap

Eliza Dushku shared a sweet photo with her dog.


Lauren Conrad enjoyed a nap with her adorable pup.

Cute Kitty

Nicky Hilton cuddled with her cat.


Behati Prinsloo hung out with her cat.

Sweater Weather

That is one chic pup you’ve got there, Jessica Seinfeld.


Amanda Seyfried shared this cute pic of her pup’s best buds.


Kevin McHale shared this picture with the caption, “My boyfriend.”


Miranda Kerr cuddled up in bed with a robe, a stuffed tiger, and a tiny puppy.


Rita Pam Tarachi introduced us to her new Cat: Sir Leon.







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