Intertwitter: Scams You Should Avoid

This website: is a pure Scam run by scammers. Many people have complained about this website. Our advice, if you need followers, grow them the natural way. They also claim to be based in the USA with this email address and number:

Call Us Today: (281)-231-8911


Do not buy fans and do not buy fans from these scammers. This entry was submitted by someone who was scammed, after payment, the person heard nothing from them! They only take your money and run away.

Beware!! And if you’ve been scammed by them, head to to report them. The more reports the better!!

Here’s one complaint against them:

Don’t be deceived by all the good reviews you read on their website and blogs, the Intertwitter Scam team makes sure to pay blogs to write well about them and they come up with fake reviews on their site, written by the same scammer behind the site!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. They are complete scammers; I know their tricks, they are THIEVES, NEVER BUY FROM THEM


  2. Nina Garcia says:

    Never advisable to buy fans in the first place; INTERTWITTER IS A SCAM GROUP, Beware everyone!!!!!! Avoid them; many people i know got scammed by them; they only take your money and fail on their promises. Period. Intertwitter is bad news!!!


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