Interview With Studiofyre’s CEO, Brandon Aaron Gibbs

StudioFYRE is a global brand, and we aim to spread the concepts of personable branding in an increasingly monotonously marketed world. We aim to be on a few continents serving global partners that really believe in doing whatever it takes to make their brands successful

  – Brandon A. Gibbs (StudioFyre CEO)


1. What’s the story behind Studiofyre?

Brandon A. Gibbs: StudioFYRE is a natural phenomenon. Now based in the music city Nashville, we started a few years back scattered around the globe with a creative vision to impact the world. Being given chance to participate in leading international businesses and studios, we got chance to intuitively apply our gifts to design, media, marketing and consulting with some of the most fascinating people and around unique and inspiring global communities. When it was time to accept the name StudioFYRE in 2014, it came right in time, to solve the needs of industries. Businesses nowadays are scrambling using an ever growing set of media & design products with their brands, all trying to play with untested business models applying to new and different technology for various market segments. At the end of 2013, we found this problem as budding entrepreneurs serving a few multicultural organizations. There was a good vision and tons of great people to reach but too many branding tools to juggle against a basic technology to personal problem. This is where we had to derive a solution in universal and personal brand engineering. Testing our model to various problems, we were able to get great results, and opened our services to our first line of clients in Nashville. Nashville is an international gateway and our services will continue to engage both locally and around the globe understanding client vision and implementing brands with successful growth mindset to achieve the best commercial solutions through personal vision.

2. What was the inspiration for the name, how did it come about?

Brandon A. Gibbs: It’s a combustion of sorts from vision and belief. Our #1 Inspiration as entrepreneurs of faith is Christianity which plays an important role in our integrity and how we do business. The “studio” was created for the precision operation of our design and creative gifts within the integrity of diligent craft. And the “FYRE” is from stories about fire of the Holy Spirit, describing an ephemeral link for driven creativity and inspiration that spreads through everything we do. Our challenge after accepting our “calling” was not just to operate a static creative agency, but to create a dynamic studio environment to empower visions we work with to combust, and set brands on FYRE with.

3. Who is/are the person/team behind Studiofyre?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We are a unit of creative and unique folk from different backgrounds, but all important parts that comprise StudioFYRE. Me, Brandon A Gibbs, our Founder CEO/ Principal Designer I’m the creative technical side with a history in London and New York designing with some of the largest international design firms and institutions.


Jason Di Vincenzo, our co-Founder COO & President, is the creative communications side with a history all around the US in executive consultation, Copywriting and Sales leadership. He’s worked with several fortune 500 companies, and with local business leaders to create exciting solutions. The rest of our awesome team is on the growth with inspiring & unique creative people with their own story and visions about making brands greater.

4. What was the most difficult part about starting up? Any major or minor challenges?

Brandon A. Gibbs: The hardest part of starting up is after reading all the local business regulation and operation manuals, to relax, because we’ve been prepared all along. Each new project also comes with some ground to cover, but we sort them out. At the start of StudioFYRE, we got a chance to meet quite a few business leaders and find out about who they were and their vision. Though not always a project in the wings, it was an important part of having foundation. The challenge of establishing ourselves came naturally after relaxing in knowing our repertoire and how to leverage success for prospective industries who really want to work with us.

5. What came easy with starting up?

Brandon A. Gibbs: The easiest part was creative process and relating to people. We spent time driving to various places meeting and serving clients in various industries, doing fun little projects. That part was good to test our new hybrid service prototypes with brands.

6. What’s your creative process?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We like to operate with strategy and direction from the start to have calculated successes with each client. We do that through a roughly 5 step process based around two elements campaigns and subscribers. Campaigns- comprised of creative & marketing projects; and Subscribers- the final stakeholders whether they be the customers or just visitors who will play a major role with the client brand. We start with understanding the client what their campaign vision and goal is, helping them define their target subscribers in strategic terms, assessing the necessary resources vision and availability. That sets the tone for our next step in consultation and base planning structure, where we begin harnessing the best use of our resources to match their vision and carry out the campaign goals together. Next step after skillfully producing brand assets for the effective client campaign. This is an artful process of research, sketches, and references to empower raw and intuitive creativity to match client creativity and vision and engage end subscriber senses. After that is launching our campaign assets like websites, videos, events and so on with fervor to make sure of maximum effect in conversion, sales, subscriptions and the like. The last step is thought out from the start of maximizing the value of the project with long lasting subscriber engagement, as we love to be partner with each client in lifetime brand sustainability and profitability for all involved.

7. What services do you offer?

Brandon A. Gibbs: Our services together comprise the Universal Branding array from personal to technical specialization. We start out with personal brand consultation, getting to know our customers to maximize restarting brands or launching new brands completely. Next is our design skills, where we build visual and spatial elements for client to audience engagement, this goes from Graphic Design to Print Design, to spatial design—we call these visual campaigns. Then comes our Media and Interactive skills, where we go from digital media, photography and imagery to websites, mobile and app design and development—comprising our media and web campaigns. Our last campaign set is of our internet marketing which comprises a range of engagement and analytics techniques to maximize the reach of client audience, whether it be a new line of customers, existing network, or just a set of shareholders. With our services we make campaigns with clients that spread like wildFYRE, FYREworks to keep charged and healthy brands on top with our full service ad agency resources.


8. How are you able to use social media to target your audience? How do you keep them interested?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We engage audience in a variety of ways, but it starts with personal relationship. Social media allows us digital connection with those we’ve met in person, and sets up new connection to be made offline. To keep things interesting.. We are just honest about the great partners and projects that we get to play with. As our #FYREworks gallery show, we have fun with what we do, and that’s what we feel every creative agency should do.

9. Have hashtags been a huge success or key role in your utilization of social media? How do you manipulate hashtags for the benefit of your brand?

Brandon A. Gibbs: We’ve played with a few social hashtags, that really sum the StudioFYRE experience #FYREworks,#wildFYRE with a few in the wings as well as some general #branding, #GraphicDesign and industry tags like #CopyOfTheDay and some from influences as David Ogilvy #ogilvy. We count them a starting success online and offline to set apart who we are connecting us with our audience, potential customers and major firms and organizations that we admire.

10. What advise have you got for startups?

Brandon A. Gibbs: Spell out your first vision, and test it relentlessly with your first clients. Narrow it down according to needs and industry, and you not only will have work you admire and understand, but you’ll also be incredibly successful at it from deep understanding.

11. Where do you see Studiofyre in ten years from now?

Brandon A. Gibbs: StudioFYRE is a global brand, and we aim to spread the concepts of personable branding in an increasingly monotonously marketed world. We aim to be on a few continents serving global partners that really believe in doing whatever it takes to make their brands successful. We’ll stay growing with people who have passion in their talents and brands that have great visions achieving the best commercial solutions through each personal vision.

For more information about them, see their website


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